Friday, September 19, 2014
Our Services / Archery

Have you wondered what it is like to be Robin Hood, Legolas or the Green Arrow?. At Auchterhouse you can experience the mighty bow and arrow, under professional instruction.
With up to 6 people you can unleash arrows into the targets, make it a fun competition, or imagine stopping the hordes of enemies running towards you.
Our instructor will show you the best method for scoring maximum points on the targets and work with you to improve your bow technique.

1/2 hour Instruction - £50.00
1 hour Instruction - £70.00
This includes use of all equipment, maximum 6 adults at one time

1/2 hour Instruction - £50.00
1 hour Instruction - £70.00
Maximum 6 children - more than 6 please add £5 per child)

Again for any info please contact us on 01382 320476

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